About Mana Naqsh

Mana Naqsh is a non-profit institution involved in various art and culture activities and projects.


"Mana Naqsh" literally means Immortal Impression in the Persian language, which refers to a persistent and indelible art, design, or impression. Mana Naqsh is a phrase inspired by the poem of Saadi (the great Persian poet); It has derived from the verse “We're meant to leave an impression behind …”.


Mana Naqsh’s main purpose is developing and strengthening the cultural ties among people across the world from all various kinds of races, tribes, nationalities, religions and languages by promoting and representing shared values. Accordingly, its mission is introducing the culture of West and Central Asia, significantly the affluent art and culture of Persia as well as safeguarding the national and international TCH (tangible cultural heritage) and ICH (intangible cultural heritage).

Mana Naqsh Fields of Activities

  • Participates in art and culture studies and researches
  • Consulting, supporting and giving grants to innovative and outstanding cultural and artistic ideas and projects
  • Participating in production of audio, video and multimedia works
  • Participating in publishing and compilating books and articles in arts and culture subjects
  • Participating in holding arts and culture events and exhibitions
  • Participating in designing and creating magnificent and luxurious artworks and handicrafts

Mana Naqsh Partners and Supporters